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Empowering advisers with client centric, cutting-edge technology designed to deepen connections with clients.

Maximise Client Satisfaction

Enhance Operational Productivity

Capture Digital-First Clientele

Preserve Wealth Across Generations

Streamline Regulatory Adherence

Integrate Data for Strategic Insights

Real-time data from 250+ institutions

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Elevate Client Relationships

Designed to foster deep and meaningful interactions, Lyfeguard empowers advisers with the tools to seamlessly gather client information and deliver personalised insights. By integrating real-time financial data with comprehensive client profiles, our platform enables you to meet and surpass the evolving expectations of your clientele, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction.

Attract Next-Gen Clientele

Capture the attention and loyalty of the digital-first generation with an unmatched online experience. Lyfeguard is at the forefront of the modern financial landscape, providing advisers with instant access to financial insights and visualisations that resonate with a tech-savvy clientele. Our platform is tailored to meet the demands of clients who value digital innovation, offering them the control and transparency they seek for their financial management.

Future-Proof Software

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Efficient Operations

Streamline your processes with our innovative solutions, reducing the time spent on manual tasks and administrative burdens. Our platform facilitates quick KYC processes, comprehensive fact-finding, and seamless integration with over 250 financial institutions, creating more time for what matters most: your clients. 

Unified Data

The best decisions are made with the best information. Our interconnected LyfeHubs offer a secure and accessible central data repository. Say goodbye to fragmented solutions and embrace the convenience of comprehensive data management. Our robust security protocols ensure the safety of sensitive information, providing peace of mind for both advisers and clients.

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Financial Clarity

Make informed decisions with our financial dashboard, featuring real-time data and comprehensive financial visualisations. Our Open Finance integrations provide clear, up-to-date insights, allowing you to offer precise, tailored advice.


Insights Unlocked

With Lyfeguard, you gain the foresight to proactively address your clients' needs, ensuring their financial portfolios are not only robust but also aligned with their long-term objectives. This strategic approach empowers advisers to deliver advice that is both insightful and impactful, paving the way for sustained financial growth and stability.

Transparent Partnerships

In today's digital and post-pandemic environment, the adviser-client relationship is more crucial than ever. Lyfeguard is purpose-built to strengthen this bond, offering features that streamline interactions and deepen connections. Our platform doesn't just provide a service; it enhances the client experience, setting your business apart.


 In an era where personalised service is not just preferred but expected, positioning your advisory as client-centric is key to enduring success. Lyfeguard champions this ethos by delivering a platform that not only meets but anticipates the needs of your clients. This focus on client-centricity ensures that your business is not just current but ahead of the curve, ready for the future.

Empower Clients

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