Estate Planning for Financial Advisers

Robust estate planning software seamlessly integrated with our wealth management platform.


is estimated to be passed down from one generation to the next in the UK by 2050. This immense wealth transfer presents both a significant challenge and a unique opportunity for financial advisers.


of heirs change their adviser on wealth transfer. This highlights the need for advisers to build strong relationships with clients and their families well before inheritance occurs.

Addressing the Challenge

Bridging the Gap

Lyfeguard's estate planning software empowers you to address both the challenge and the opportunity. Our platform facilitates:

Open communication with clients and their families, building trust and fostering long-term relationships.

Seamless collaboration with those involved in the wealth transfer process, ensuring a smooth and coordinated approach.

Clear and comprehensive planning that addresses the needs and aspirations of both current and future generations.

By leveraging Lyfeguard, you can not only retain existing clients during wealth transfer, but also position yourself as the trusted adviser for their heirs, securing the future of your practice and helping families navigate this crucial transition with confidence.

Benefits for Advisers

Future-Proof Technology

Strengthen Client Bonds: Deepen client trust by proactively discussing legacy planning and wealth transfer strategies.

Enhanced Client Retention: Minimise the risk of losing clients to new advisors during wealth transfer by demonstrating long-term commitment to their financial well-being.

Competitive Advantage: Stand out from the competition by offering a comprehensive wealth management solution that includes sophisticated estate planning tools.

Benefits for Clients and Their Loved Ones

Holistic Client Care

Streamlined Process: Simplified interaction with advisors and family members involved in estate planning.

Clarity & Confidence: Clear understanding of wealth transfer plans and minimised risk of ambiguity.

Enhanced Family Communication: Tools for initiating productive conversations about future financial security.

Secure Your Future, Empower Your Clients

Lyfeguard's estate planning software empowers you to navigate the complexities of wealth transfer with confidence. By fostering deeper client relationships, streamlining communication, and ensuring clear and comprehensive plans, you can not only retain existing clients during this critical transition but also position yourself as the trusted adviser for their heirs.

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