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Jun 26, 2021 / Digital

How to Close a Facebook Account When Someone Dies

How to Close a Facebook Account When Someone Dies image

Closing a Facebook Account

If you want to close your Facebook account, the social networking site offers two options: deactivation or deletion. Deactivation essentially pauses your account, making it inaccessible to others but retains your information should you wish to reactive later. Deletion will permanently remove the profile. Follow this step-by-step guide if this is what you would like to do:

  • Log-in to Facebook
  • Visit ‘Settings & Privacy’
  • Go to ‘Your Facebook Information’
  • Go to ‘Deactivation and Deletion’
  • Choose between the two options

Closing a Facebook Account When a Loved One Dies

If a loved one dies, Facebook can either memorialise the profile or delete the account altogether. This article will show you how to do this.

This special request form will need to be completed with four options available:

  • Please memorialise this account
  • Please remove this account
  • I have a special request
  • I have a question

As per Facebook’s Guide, you will firstly need to provide documentation that you are an immediate family member or the executor for the profile holder.

The easiest way to close an account is through submitting a loved one’s death certificate. If this is not possible, Facebook will need two pieces of documentation: proof of authority and proof that the person has passed away.

Proof of Authority

  • Power of attorney
  • Birth certificate
  • Last will and testament
  • Estate letter

Proof a Loved One Has Passed Away

  • Obituary
  • Memorial card
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Published Jun 26, 2021 |



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