Who Do I Inform When Someone Dies?

Written by Fraser Stewart
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When someone dies, it is crucial to inform the appropriate people and organisations as soon as possible. The people you should tell will depend on the circumstances of the person's death and your relationship with them.

Whom do I need to notify of the death?

This article will focus on official notifications rather than notifying people close to the deceased. You will need to inform the following people:

Other people and organisations you will need to inform:

What is the "Tell Us Once" Service?

"Tell Us Once" is a UK government service that allows you to inform multiple government organisations about a death simultaneously. It can be overwhelming to notify numerous organisations about the death when someone dies, especially if you are grieving. The Tell Us Once service makes this process easier by allowing you to report the death to a single government organisation, which will then inform other relevant organisations on your behalf.

To use the Tell Us Once service, you will need to provide some personal and identification information about the deceased person and the person reporting the death. You will also need to provide information about the circumstances of the death and any surviving family members. Once this information has been provided, the Tell Us Once service will notify a range of government organisations, including the Department for Work and Pensions, the HM Revenue and Customs, and the local council.

The Tell Us Once service is available online or by phone. You can access the service through the government's website (https://www.gov.uk/after-a-death/organisations-you-need-to-contact-and-tell-us-once) or by calling the Tell Us Once service centre (0800 085 7308). You can use the service as soon as you have registered the death.

How do I register a death? 

In the UK, you need to register the death within five days, except in Scotland where you have eight days. You need to contact the Register Office in your area and provide them with information and documents. In return, you will get a Certificate of Registration of Death and a Certificate of Burial or Cremation. You can buy additional copies of the Death Certificate at this point, which we recommend as many organisations require it, including financial institutions and government departments.

The Register Office will need the following information for the deceased:

They may also need documentation such as:

If you do not have access to these things, then call the Register Office to ask what they want you to do.

In most cases, the person who registers the death is a relative, but a friend, family member, or professional may register the death.

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