Effective Fact-Finding: Essential Strategies for Financial Advisers

Written by Fraser Stewart
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Effective Fact-Finding: Essential Strategies for Financial Advisers image

Fact-finding is a cornerstone of financial planning, crucial for developing strategies that truly reflect a client’s financial situation and aspirations. In the UK, where financial advice is highly regulated, the accuracy and depth of fact-finding can significantly impact the quality of advice provided. 

Structuring the Fact-Finding Session


Advancements in digital tools have transformed the fact-finding process. Advisers can now send digital questionnaires and forms to clients before the meeting, using platforms that comply with UK data protection regulations. This approach not only saves time during the meeting but also allows clients to provide detailed information at their convenience. Tools like Lyfeguard’s Fact Find can help gather and organise client data efficiently.

Conducting the Session

With preliminary data already collected, use the meeting to delve deeper into the client’s financial psyche. Discuss their responses to the pre-meeting questionnaire to clarify details and explore nuances in their financial goals and concerns. This time can be spent on understanding their motivations, fears, and aspirations, which are often not captured fully in standard forms.

Essential Strategies for Fact-Finding

1. Building Rapport

Creating a comfortable environment is essential for open communication. Begin with informal conversation before diving into financial details to set a relaxed tone.

2. Tailoring Questions

While generic questions are a good starting point, tailoring your questions based on the preliminary data collected can lead to more meaningful discussions. For instance, if a client has mentioned saving for their child’s education in the questionnaire, follow up with specific questions about their expectations and fears surrounding these financial goals.

3. Leveraging Technology

Integrate financial planning software during the meeting to instantly model financial scenarios based on the client’s data. Tools like Voyant and CashCalc are popular in the UK for their robust modeling capabilities. This not only makes the session more interactive but also helps clients visualise the impact of different financial decisions.

4. Verifying Information

It’s vital to verify the information provided, especially for complex financial products or investments. Use digital verification tools like Experian or Equifax to quickly confirm financial statuses and identities in compliance with UK’s financial regulations.

5. Documenting Findings

Document every detail from the fact-finding session using compliant CRM systems. This not only helps in maintaining accurate records but also in tracking changes in the client’s financial situation over time. Compliance with the UK’s GDPR is crucial when handling personal data.

Follow-Up: Enhancing Understanding and Engagement

Setting the Next Steps

Clearly outline the next steps after the initial fact-finding session. This might include detailed analyses of the options discussed, preparation of a draft financial plan, or additional meetings to refine their strategy.

Maintaining Ongoing Communication

Keep clients engaged through regular updates and check-ins, which are important for adjusting plans based on life changes or financial shifts. Tools like client portals can facilitate this ongoing interaction by allowing clients to update their information and view their financial plans in real-time.


In the UK’s dynamic financial landscape, thorough fact-finding supported by technological tools and strategic questioning can significantly enhance the effectiveness of financial advice. By employing these advanced strategies, financial advisers can ensure comprehensive understanding and foster strong, lasting relationships with their clients.

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