DVLA: How To Change Your Driving Licence Address

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Moving to a new address? It's essential to update your driving licence with the DVLA to ensure you remain compliant with the law. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process smoothly.

  1. Update your driving licence
  2. Update your vehicle log book (known as a V5C)
  3. Update your Direct Debit details
  4. Update your personalised number plate documents
  5. Update your trailer registration certificate

Updating the DVLA when you change address is essential. You may be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell the DVLA about a change of address.

How Do I Change Address On My Driving Licence?

If you are moving address, it is important that you update your provisional or full driving licence when you move. 

Update Driving Licence Address Online

You can apply online here on the DVLA's portal

You are still able to drive while you await your new licence. 

To complete the process online, you will need:

  1. Your current driving licence
  2. To be a resident of England, Wales or Scotland
  3. To provide the addresses you have lived at for the past three years
  4. To be eligible to drive, i.e., you are not banned from driving
  5. It is helpful, albeit not essential, if you can provide your National Insurance and Passport numbers too

If you are a resident of Northern Ireland, you can follow this link as the process is different.

Update Driving Licence Address By Post

If you would like to apply by post, rather than online, the process is different depending on whether you have a photocard driving licence or a paper driving licence. 

Photocard Driving Licence

With your licence, you should have received a D741 letter. You will need this to change your address. If you do not have one, you can use a driving licence application form; this is a D1 form for cars and D2 form for lorries/buses. You can pick one of these forms up from an eligible Post Office - you can find your nearest branch here.

On the D741 letter, you will need to complete the section entitled 'Changes'.

Next, send the D741 letter, along with your driving licence, to DVLA's Swansea address:

SA99 1BN

Paper Driving Licence

To change your driver licence address on a paper licence, you will need to complete either a D1 (for cars) or D2 (for lorries or buses) form. You can pick one of these forms up from an eligible Post Office - you can find your nearest branch here.

You need to send this form, your current driving licence, original documents confirming your identity, and a passport photo to the DVLA:

SA99 1BN

Update Your Vehicle's Log Book (V5C)

How To Update Your Log Book Online

You can change update your vehicle's log book (V5C) here

To use this service, you must be the vehicle's registered keeper, and have the following information to hand:

  1. The vehicle's registration number
  2. The log book reference number
  3. Your UK address
  4. To check if your vehicle's road tax expiry date is within the next four weeks

To check if your vehicle, please refer to our guide "Tax Your Car Online In Seconds: All You Need To Know"

How To Update Your Log Book By Post

Applying by post has a different process dependent on which style of log book you have.

The Process For A New Style V5C

The 'new style' log book is one which has multi-coloured blocks on the front cover. This is the form on the right in the image below.

The 'old' (left) and 'new' (right) V5C log book. Source: GOV.UK

With the new style, you will need to write the new address in Section 3 of the document. Please do not use a PO Box Address. 

Following this, send the whole log book to the DVLA address which is also outlined in Section 3. 

The Process For A Old Style V5C

For an 'old' style log book (left in the image above), you will need to:

Write the new address in Section 6. Again, please do not use a PO Box Address.

Sign the log book and send it to the DVLA Address, which is in Section 8.

Implications For Road Tax

With either style, there is additional implications if your road tax is due within four weeks.

You must either:

Update Your Direct Debit

If you pay your vehicle tax with Direct Debit, it is important to inform the DVLA that you have changed address.

You can call the DVLA Vehicle Enquiries service on 0330 790 6802 on Monday to Friday (8am to 7pm) or on Saturdays (8am to 2pm).

Update Your Personalised Number Plate

If you have a personalised or private number plate, and it is not on a vehicle, you will need to inform the DVLA. You can do this by either:

  1. Updating your V750 Certificate of Entitlement
  2. Updating your V778 Retention Document

Updating Your Private Number Plate Online

You can update your address online, but only with your V750 certificate.

Update your V750 with your DVLA personalised registration account

Updating Your Private Number Plate By Post

You can change address on V778 or V750 certificate by post.

You will need to fill the 'change of address' section in either form, sign it, and send it to:

DVLA Personalised Registrations


SA99 1DS

Updating Your Private Number Plate Without a V778 or V750

You are able to change your address if you do not have either certificate. 

You will need to write a letter to inform the DVLA of your new address. Sign the letter and send it to the DVLA, along with a proof of identity. This can be a copy of:

  1. A household bill (within the last three months)
  2. A council tax bill (for the current year)
  3. A bank/building society statement (within the last three months)
  4. A medical card
  5. Your current driving licence
  6. Your passport
  7. Your birth certificate

Update Your Trailer Registration Certificate

If you have a trailer, and would like to continue to be able to take it abroad, it is important to register the trailer at your new address. 

You will need to change the address on your trailer registration certificate.

You can change your address on your trailer registration certificate here

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