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Dec 14, 2021 / Personal Information

How to Organise Life Admin

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Ah, life admin, the thing that is constantly at the bottom of our to do lists until so much accumulates that it takes over a whole weekend. You don’t have to live like this any longer; there are better ways to handle life admin and ensure everything is ticking along smoothly. Here are some ways to handle life admin; you can adopt the ones that work for you and ignore the ones that don’t.

Create a List of Life Admin Tasks 

Sit down and list all of the life admin tasks you do, from the ones that you do weekly to the ones that you do once every few years. These may include things like meal planning, cleaning the oven, decluttering the garage, writing a will, and reviewing your investment portfolio. List all of the things that you do in one big list.

Next, separate them into lists based on the frequency you need to do them. There may be some life admin tasks that you want to do often but can realistically be done less often. For example, you may do meal planning every week, but would it make more sense for you to batch it every month and create menus and shopping lists well in advance? If you have a regular schedule, it might. If you have a varying schedule and lots of social commitments that come up last minute, then weekly meal planning may be better.

Create a schedule of your weekly, fortnightly, and monthly life admin jobs to take some of the mental load off. That way, when it’s life admin time, you have a list of things that you can get started with. You can refer to the lists when you have spare time during the week rather than leaving everything to the weekend.

Outsource and Automate 

Look at things you can either automate or outsource to take some of the jobs off your plate. For example, you could set up automatic payments for bills and credit card payments rather than having to remember to transfer money. You could buy a Roomba and have it vacuum your floors a couple of times a week to save you time. Automating tasks or parts of a task can take some of the leg work out of keeping on top of life admin.

There may also be some tasks that make sense to outsource. This will vary depending on your budget and lifestyle, but look at your list and see if you are willing to pay someone to take some things off your plate. For example, if you hate cleaning and spend hours procrastinating and dragging your feet, turning a weekly clean into a whole day affair, it may be worth the money to pay a cleaner so you can get your time back. If you work long hours and don’t have time to cook but also don’t want to get take out or microwave meals because you’re health-conscious, you may benefit from paying someone to meal prep for you. Only you can weigh up the benefit of outsourcing certain tasks to see if they fit your needs.

Share the Load Equally 

Even though 2 income households are way more common than single-income households, many couples still struggle with their relationships falling into traditional roles. It is important to share life admin tasks in a way that feels equal to you. This may mean dividing tasks to suit each person’s strengths, ability, or how things fit into their schedule. Every person that lives in the house should be helping out in some manner to ensure the household runs smoothly. If you have children, they should be tidying up after themselves and given age-appropriate family chores. By everyone pitching in, every member of your household can enjoy a well-organised home and have plenty of downtime too.

Look For Ways to Make the Task Easier 

There are times when we make tasks harder than they need to be by failing to maintain the systems we put in place or not having a system in place to start off with. Take cleaning your home, if you do not put things away after you have finished using them or wipe things up when messes are made, then weekly cleaning becomes a huge task. A few hours may be spent returning things to their rightful home and picking up dirty laundry before you even start cleaning.

The best way to make life admin easier is to create a system that you can easily maintain. This may mean keeping a laundry basket in your room where you change rather than in the laundry room. It could be rearranging where you keep things, so it is really easy to put everything away once you have finished using it. It could even be creating a list of meals that everyone in the house likes so you can choose from a list when meal planning rather than having to think of what to make. It could even be making decisions on whether to keep or get rid of things on the spot than putting them into the garage to be dealt with when you do your next clear out.

For example, if you do intensive budgeting where you track every purchase, you might find it easier to spend 10 minutes loading your spending into your budget spreadsheet at the end of the night rather than going through bank statements at the end of the month. Or it may be easier still to switch to a card that tracks your spending through an app.

Allow Yourself to Change Things If They Don’t Work For You 

Everyone is an individual. We have different ways of doing things and different ways we like things to be. What works for one person may not work for you. It is important to not get hung up on doing things the right way and instead do things in the way that is easiest for you. Slow cookers and batch cooking may work best for you if the thought of cooking every day is too much. If you have days where you are too tired to wash dishes, invest in a dishwasher or have biodegradable single-use plates and cutlery that you can use on those days. You do not have to live in a way that society says you should; live in the way that is right for you.

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Published Dec 14, 2021 |



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