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Jun 24, 2021 / Personal Information

The Ultimate Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Before You Die

The Ultimate Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Before You Die image

A bucket list should detail all of the amazing things you want to do before you die, ensuring you experience everything you want to. We recommend creating a bucket list of things you want to experience while you are still healthy and mobile enough to. A bucket list is extremely personal, so you need to think of things you want to do, but we have 20 ideas to get you started.

What Is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” It is an aspirational list of things that you tick off as you complete them. We recommend performing bucket list items with friends or family to create amazing memories with them.

A bucket list can take many forms:

  • A digital list
  • A hard copy list
  • A scrapbook where pictures and other keepsakes are added

Choose the form that works best for you.

What Should Be on My Bucket List?

Your bucket list can have anything you choose on it. Generally, people will fill it with things they have wanted to do but did not have enough time to do. Things that you have been too scared to do should also make it onto the list.

20 Things That Everyone Should Do Before They Die

The ultimate bucket list should contain these items. We have purposefully left them vague to fit with your interests, budget, and mobility.

Go On An Adventure

This can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Your adventure could be going camping or going hiking. It might also be backpacking around a country or taking a road trip. Do something adventurous and outside of your comfort zone. Take someone you love and make it a fantastic experience to fuel countless stories. Remember, research and planning makes an adventure enjoyable.

Write a Love Letter

Interpret this in a way that is appropriate to your life. You can write a love letter to your significant other about how you felt on your wedding day or how much you appreciate and love them. You might also decide to write a love letter to your children or another family member. Write from the heart and tell them the things that you don’t always get to say.

Reconnect With Someone You Have Lost Touch With 

There are some people we cut out of our lives because of the pain or negativity they bring, but there are others who just drift away through circumstance or the passage of time. Reach out to someone who was once important but has drifted away. At the very least, you can reminisce and tell them that they had a hand in shaping the person you are today. At best, you may rekindle your friendship. It is best to go in with no expectations.

Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

There is something cathartic about watching a sunrise or sunset. It makes us reflective or awakens our emotions and wonderment. Even if you have seen many sunrises and sunsets, you should see at least one more of each before you die.

Take That Trip You’ve Been Putting Off

Everyone has that one trip they have been longing to do. Start saving and planning now to take that trip. Plan out the activities you want to do and make sure you take lots and lots of photographs. The trip doesn’t have to be an all-inclusive holiday in the Maldives or a round the world cruise, it should be something close to your heart.

Fall In Love With Yourself 

Easier said than done, right? But you are a special person, and there are people around you who love you. Take the time to get to know yourself, to think about your positive attitudes. Consider everything you have been through and recognise how strong you are. Allow yourself to acknowledge that you are a good friend, parent, child, partner, boss, worker, person. Acknowledge that you are not perfect and you have made mistakes but that it only makes you more worthy of love and forgiveness. Allow yourself to feel special, to like your body.

Have a Night Out 

Get dressed up while dancing and singing to music and have a fun night out, whatever that looks like for you. Go karaoke, salsa dancing, clubbing, to a musical, or a comedy show. Do something that you find fun with people that you find fun. Don’t think about your age, insecurities, or life worries; just live in the moment. Take lots of photos and stay out late.

Make Memories With Your Family 

Life gets in the way too often, and schedules can clash horribly, but go and do something with your family to make a memory. The choice is yours. It could be a picnic in the park; it could be a day out at an amusement park or a trip somewhere. Do something fun where everyone is present and can look back on the day fondly. Depending on your circumstances, you could consider making it a regular thing. A monthly or yearly event, whatever works best based on the locations of your family.

Find a Creative Hobby 

Do something that stokes your creativity and either excites you or relaxes you. You don’t have to do it well; all that matters is that you enjoy it. This hobby could be anything you want: scrapbooking, painting, knitting, learning a language, dancing, singing, writing, anything.

Volunteer For A Cause Close to Your Heart

Find a charity that supports a cause that you are passionate about and volunteer for a day or raise money. It is rewarding to give to those in need, especially for a cause you care about.

Attend an Event Of Another Culture 

Experiencing another culture and people with different values and beliefs makes you a well-rounded and compassionate person. Attend a cultural event with an open mind and immerse yourself. Meet other people, soak in the dance and music and try the food. Learn as much as you can and open your eyes to other cultures in your community.

Do Something to Show Appreciation For Someone 

Actions speak louder than words, and doing something nice for somebody will show just how much you care about them. Your action could be anything: helping them mend a fence, baking or cooking something for them, giving them a clipping of a plant of yours they were eyeing up, or donating to a charity they are passionate about in their name. Think about what would mean a lot to them and give them a hand. Do discuss it with them first so that you don’t overstep or give them something they are allergic to. We do not recommend breaking into someone’s house to mend their fence.

Reminisce With A Close Friend or Loved One 

Get together with a friend or a loved one and talk about old memories. Discuss activities and what you enjoyed about them. Talk about how you appreciated them at that moment and why that is a cherished memory.

Go to The Theatre 

Ideally, go to a musical, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Go to a professional performance and let yourself be transported. Allow yourself to laugh and cry along with the rest of the audience and enjoy the exchange of energy that the theatre allows.

Create Something 

Again, we have left this one open to allow you to create something based on your skills and interests. It is a powerful feeling to create something to leave behind in the world. Whether it is a piece of furniture, a painting, a quilt, or a book. Create something to leave a mark on the world after you die.

Take As Many Photos As Possible 

Some people really hate taking photos, and that is understandable. But you have looked back on photos when you were younger and thought you were really good looking and horrified that you were so self-conscious about your appearance. Let go of that insecurity and take as many photos as possible. Give yourself a way to look back on happy memories and events; squinty eyes be damned.

Apologise To Someone You Hurt 

Hindsight is 20/20, and each of us holds some regret for our past words and actions. If you hurt someone in your past, reach out to them and acknowledge the pain that you caused them and apologise for your actions. Do not expect to be forgiven or even acknowledged, but do not underestimate the power of an apology.

Mentor or Help Someone in The Younger Generation 

Your skills and life experience are valuable. Do not let them die with you. Talk to someone in the younger generation and mentor them if they are willing. Teach recent graduates how to get comfortable with public speaking, offer singing tutoring, or even advise them on how to become more confident. It does not matter. There are some skills that do not change with time.

Go to a Concert and Sing At The Top of Your Lungs

Go and see a musician or band that you love live. Sing at the top of your lungs and let yourself be infected by the atmosphere. Take someone who loves that band as much as you and have a fantastic time.

Do Something You Used to Love As a Kid 

Sometimes things we used to love as children become too embarrassing in our haste to feel and look grown-up. But as an adult, we long for the carefree feeling of being a kid. Do something you used to love as a kid, perhaps with a childhood friend. Laugh until your face hurts, and agree that it used to be a lot easier when you were a kid!

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