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The Importance of Financial Advisers

Lyfeguard co-founder Fraser Stewart recently spoke to the Daily Express, emphasising the importance of independent financial advisers (IFAs) in helping Britons plan for their pensions and retirement income. 

Many UK citizens, even those in their 40s and 50s, lack proper pension plans. Stewart cited statistics showing that most Britons don't consider taking out a pension until age 29, with only 60% of those in their 30s and 63% of those in their 40s and 50s having a pension plan in place.

IFAs can provide advice on investments, savings, and pensions, assisting clients in making informed financial decisions and planning for their future. Contrary to the stereotype that financial planning is only for the wealthy, Stewart believes it should be considered by everyone. He suggests people seek professional advice for pension planning aspects, such as workplace pensions, auto-enrolment, and self-invested personal pensions.

Financial journalist Martin Lewis also encouraged people looking to reassess their pensions to consult an IFA or a chartered financial planner. 

To find a reputable IFA, individuals should check the Financial Conduct Authority register and consider recommendations from family and friends. Search engines like can help locate local IFAs. Before committing, it's advised to speak to multiple IFAs and ask important questions about their qualifications and areas of expertise.

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