Announcing Our Partnership with Moneyhub

Written by Fraser Stewart
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We're thrilled to announce that we've joined forces with Moneyhub, a leading data & intelligence platform, to bring you an unparalleled view of your financial world.

Bridging the Gap with Moneyhub's Expertise

Our collaboration leverages Moneyhub's mastery of Open Finance—an advancement over Open Banking—to bring a comprehensive, automated approach to managing personal and financial data on the Lyfeguard platform.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you're a Lyfeguard customer, you're in for a treat. Open Finance propels us beyond the limitations of Open Banking by offering a streamlined, real-time dashboard that encompasses your entire financial landscape.

Say goodbye to manual data entry; Open Finance connects directly with a multitude of financial institutions—banks, mortgage companies, investment firms, pension funds, and more. Now, you can instantly consolidate all these various elements right within the Lyfeguard platform.

Simplifying the Complexities of Financial Life

We all know that money matters are often more convoluted than they need to be. With different data scattered across multiple platforms, keeping track becomes a chore. That's where Open Finance comes in. It amalgamates all your financial information into a single, user-friendly interface.

No more hopping between apps or websites; with Lyfeguard, you can view, analyse, and make decisions about your finances all in one place. This is a critical step toward our mission of helping you organise today for a secure tomorrow.

The Benefits to Financial Advisers

If you're a financial adviser, this new integration is a game-changer. The Open Finance capabilities allow for a 360-degree view of your clients' financial worlds, thus enabling more precise, personalised advisory services. This paves the way for both individuals and their financial advisers to benefit from a seamless, enriched life-planning experience.

Who are Moneyhub?

Moneyhub is a global ISO 27001 certified software developer of Open Banking, Open Finance, and Open Data applications. Its FCA-regulated Open Data platform enables companies to quickly and easily transform data into personalised digital experiences and initiate payments. 

Its APIs and fully customisable platform provide data aggregation, insights, notification nudges, and payment systems. As a result, clients have the consent-driven data and analytics they need to create super-personalised offers, products, and services. Hundreds of organisations, spanning finance to media and retail, rely on Moneyhub’s award-winning technology.

A Mutual Vision

Fraser Stewart, Chief Commercial Officer at Lyfeguard, comments: 

“Our partnership with Moneyhub is a testament to our commitment to serving both individual users and the financial advisory community. By streamlining information entry and offering real-time insights, we're ensuring that everyone, whether planning for themselves or assisting clients, has access to the most relevant and up-to-date information.”

Kim Jenkins, MD - API] at Moneyhub, comments: 

“Lyfeguard's vision resonates with ours. Their dedication to both individual life planning and empowering financial advisers aligns seamlessly with our open finance capabilities. This collaboration is set to redefine how life planning is approached.”

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