Features designed to help you organise & plan

Add Data

Upload your life’s information across our nine LyfeHubs.

Access On-the-go

Easily access and download your information on-the-go.

Share your Information

Information sharing capabilities to look after your loved ones.

Reminders & Renewals

Never miss an important upcoming date again with our reminder functionality.

Life Insights & Reports

Holistic reporting & insights into your life's information for greater visibility.

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Data Storage

Create your own custom data vault

Life, divided by Nine

Use our nine Lyfehubs to build yourself a secure library of all you important stuff. Safely stored and accessible anytime.

Lyfeguard Add Data

Ready on the device of your choice

All your documents to hand, ready to access on-the-go. No more rummaging around in drawers and files to find important information.

Easily Access Documents

Need your Passport number quickly or your Breakdown cover provider's call out number? – Lyfeguard has you covered.

Unlimited Data Storage

No limits on how much information you enter. Keep all of your life's information securely in one place.

Store & Sort All Your Contacts

Upload all of your important contacts to our address book: friends, family, advisors, and everyone else.

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Mobile data access

Anytime and almost anyplace

Quick Access to Everything

As long as you are online and we can create a secure connection your data will be available for you to edit, use and download.

Edit, use and download your data

Upload and Download from All Your LyfeHubs

All Hubs that need it have the ability to upload and download related files to help you stay in control. 

Whenever you need it

You never know when you might need to access an important document fast. Use the LyfeHub you need to get straight to it.

Or in a quiet moment

Take advantage of those peaceful times of the day to understand your situation and plan ahead.

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Sharing data

Sharing that only you approve

Sharing is Caring

Your loved ones need to know what to do if you are suddenly not around to look after them. Lyfeguard can help you to be ready for the worst, whilst planning for the best.

Sharing Data

Peace of Mind

Have the peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order and your loved ones are cared for regardless of whether you’re around or not.

You Choose Who

Share important data securely with trusted professionals, loved ones and friends.

You Choose When

Create sets of permissions that allow you to not only choose who sees what, but also when.

Leave a Legacy

Share your hopes and dreams for the future with those who were closest to you.

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Renewal Reminders

Be on time - Every time

Keep Ahead of the Game

Passport renewal?, credit card expiry? family birthday? - Lyfeguard can remind you about them all and well in advance.

Vehicle renewal Reminder

Be Prepared

Being informed and prepared with a fall back plan in place will help you negotiate a better deal with many of life's service providers when the time comes to make a choice.


Never miss an important upcoming date again with our reminder functionality.


Be aware of exactly what's happening with your important policies and their expiry dates.

Better Deals

Be informed of upcoming renewals, such as with utility providers to ensure you find the very best deals.

Source: Lyfeguard. For illustrative purposes only.

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Knowledge is power


Holistic reporting & expert insights into your life's information for greater visibility and control. 

Reports and Insights on Mobile device


Regular updates on your life situation to help you save time, save money and plan successfully for the best future.


A quick summary of what's getting better and what needs attention in your life.

Deep Dives

In depth articles about the topics that matter to you, prepared by experts in the field.

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Cyber Essentials Certified

Built with bank level security. You can trust Lyfeguard with your data.

2FA Login

Two-factor authentication

SSL Connection

Secure browser and server handshake

Always Encrypted

Unique keys make your data safe in transfer

Digital Vault

UK based servers with multiple layers of security

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Divide and Conquer with Lyfeguard


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