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Share with Confidence

Empower your loved ones with the information they need, when they need it most.

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Be ready for life's 'what-ifs'

Life is unpredictable. In moments of crisis or significant life events, having access to vital information can make all the difference. With Lyfeguard, you can share essential details with your loved ones, ensuring they're equipped to handle any situation.

Trusted Users

Share Information With Your Loved Ones

Trusted Users are people you choose to share your information with on Lyfeguard. You're in full control, whether you would like to share just one item or everything you've stored. 

This feature gives your closest ones access to important information, whenever they might need it. Simple and secure.

Image of Lyfeguard's data sharing functionality on an iPhone screen
Add a Trusted User

Tailoring Your Permissions

Lyfeguard gives you complete control over your information sharing. 

Customise your sharing settings with our detailed permission system to align with your personal preferences and privacy needs. 

Selective Sharing: Choose exactly what to share and tailor your permissions by the person you are sharing with.

Flexible Timing: Share your information always, only after death, or keep it private.

Dynamic Control: Easily adjust your preferences at any time to suit your changing needs.

You're in charge of your information, ensuring it's shared exactly how and when you want.

Image of Lyfeguard's data sharing functionality on an iPhone screen
Trusted By Others

Receive Access

Lyfeguard not only enables you to share your information but also opens the door for you to become a Trusted User of someone else.

Receive Requests: Easily view and manage requests from others who want to make you a Trusted User, all within the same intuitive interface.

Seamless Navigation: Switch effortlessly between your information and the details shared with you, maintaining a clear and organised view.

Trusted Access: As a Trusted User, you're granted secure access to view others' information.


How Sharing Works

Choose What to Share

Granular sharing options let you decide precisely how much or how little information you want to share.

Choose When to Share

Decide the right moment for sharing - be it during your lifetime or posthumously.

Select Your Trusted Users

Designate the individuals you trust to access the shared details.

Change at Any Time

Feel free to modify or delete users whenever you see fit, ensuring you always have control over your shared information.

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