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Bringing financial advisers and clients closer together through smart technology

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A client management portal designed for financial advisers

  • Maximise client satisifaction

    Prioritise your clients' financial wellbeing with unmatched service quality. Ensure their ultimate satisfaction with the assistance of our software.

  • Improve efficiency

    Automate crucial elements of your advisory process. Streamline your operations, free your time, and concentrate on what truly matters - your clients.

  • Engage digitally-minded clients

    Transform your service into an online powerhouse. Tap into the new-age clientele who prefer to handle a digital experience, fortifying your business' future.

  • Retain generational wealth

    Facilitate smooth intergenerational wealth transfer. Our platform caters to your clients' successors, ensuring your valued relations remain intact across generations.

  • Achieve compliance with ease

    Simplify meeting regulatory requirements. With our software, effortlessly stay in line with regulations, ensuring a seamless, compliant business operation.

  • Embrace cutting-edge tech

    Remain at the leading edge of financial advisory. With minimal effort, deliver to your clients the newest in technology and advisory processes.

Our software combines useability, flexibility, and powerful features to provide a platform that works for you

Real-time financial information

Ensure your client's financial accounts are always up-to-date. Everything from investments and banking to loans and pensions is constantly refreshed, providing you with an accurate snapshot of your client's financial landscape.

Uncover insights daily

Use Lyfeguard to conduct a comprehensive fact find. Our platform goes beyond just financial data, giving you access to personal, health, legal details, and even those minute elements that can make a big difference.

Personalise your portal

With Lyfeguard, your portal can truly represent your unique business. Add your logo and client-specific links with just a simple click, enhancing recognisability and client engagement.

Quick and easy onboarding

Forget about long-winded setup procedures or costly onboarding fees. Our handy bulk upload feature gets you up and running within minutes, not days.

Client satisfaction

Boost your interaction and delight your clients

As we navigate the complexities of a predominantly digital, post-pandemic world, maintaining and enhancing client relationships has become more crucial than ever. Lyfeguard's state-of-the-art IFA software is designed to help you effortlessly captivate your customers, optimise engagement, and drive business growth. 

With features that streamline communication, facilitate personalised interactions, and enable seamless access to client information, Lyfeguard ensures your clients always feel valued and connected. Harness the power of this revolutionary tool to transform your business and redefine the client experience in today's fast-paced, ever-evolving landscape.

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Client information

Unifying your client's information

Experience the convenience and efficiency of consolidating all your clients' information within Lyfeguard's secure, interconnected LyfeHubs. Enjoy seamless access to essential data, allowing you to easily retrieve and review information as needed. 

Leverage the platform's unique features to prompt clients to update their records before fact-finding exercises, ensuring you always work with the most accurate and up-to-date data. Trust Lyfeguard's robust security measures to safeguard your clients' sensitive information, providing both you and your clients with peace of mind.  

Financial visualisations

Dynamic dashboards designed to empower

Lyfeguard's comprehensive financial dashboard offers a visually engaging and intuitive representation of your clients' financial status. Seamlessly track net worth over time, while examining the assets and liabilities that shape it. Gain deeper insights into investment portfolios with detailed breakdowns and historical trends. 

Monitor pension savings progress against clients' overall goals, and review regular outgoing payments with ease. Our Open Banking API integration ensures that your clients' financial data remains current and accurate, empowering you to provide informed, tailored advice for every unique financial journey.

Client-centric platform

Bringing advisers and clients closer together

Unlike conventional IFA platforms primarily designed for advisers, Lyfeguard fosters a truly collaborative experience by catering to both clients and advisers. Our user-friendly interface and interactive financial dashboard empower clients to actively engage with their financial data, while providing advisers with the necessary insights to deliver personalised advice. 

This unique, client-focused approach strengthens the advisor-client relationship, ensuring an effective partnership built on transparency and trust, ultimately driving better financial outcomes for everyone involved.

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