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Built with bank level security, you can trust Lyfeguard with your data

Your data is always encrypted so that no one but you and your trusted nominees can view it (and that includes us).

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Some things in life are too important to take chances with

Mobile login security

Security is the core of the Lyfeguard App

“From the beginning, we wanted Lyfeguard to be an App that customers could trust 100%. Built to be as secure as your online bank account, we planned and then ensured that Lyfeguard could use every level of protection available.

The data you enter, or upload is always encrypted and then stored in Lyfeguard’s digital vault until you want to see it or share it with someone of your choice.

Our UK-based server is accredited with 14 levels of cybersecurity compliance and is externally monitored for threat detection. 

In plain English, we are committed to keeping you as safe and secure as possible when using Lyfeguard, and we always will be.”

 Lyfeguard Team

So how does Lyfeguard keep you safe?

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Log-In with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

A particular kind of multi-factor authentication (MFA) that increases access security by requiring two ways to confirm your identity (e-mail and a code sent to a mobile device).

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We secure your data with AES-256 encryption

As you input your information, your browser and Lyfeguard use keys to encrypt the data.

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A secure connection is established

Your computer browser and our server will perform a set of tasks to confirm that both are who they say they are.

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Your information is stored.

Our UK based server is protected by multiple layers of security and externally monitored 24/7 against threats and attack.

A Secure Handshake

Secure Server Handshake

A three part process that happens in the blink of an eye to keep your data safe

  1. Your browser and the Lyfeguard server will agree on the encryption they will use
  2. Your browser authenticates the Lyfeguard SSL Certificate to make sure it’s valid
  3. Session keys are created and exchanged so that the encryption process can begin

Gold Standard Encrypted Data Transfer

Gold Standard Encryption

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard and AES-256 is the Gold Standard of encryption. It is used by apps like WhatsApp and organisations such as NASA and Microsoft. 

There’s good reason AES-256 is the Gold standard of encryption; If hackers used Fugaku, currently the fastest supercomputer in the world, it would take them a few million lifetimes to crack a 256-bit AES encryption.

Our Systems, Your Peace of Mind

Secure Data

We store all data within the Lyfeguard Application using AES-256 encryption with a unique key for each user. Every single personally identifiable field in the database, including your name and email address is encrypted. For searching and indexing, we hash the minimum number of data fields using HMAC. We apply the same encryption technique to all files you upload. As with all systems such as ours, the security of your information also depends on you. Please choose a really strong password (we enforce that as best we can) and never share it with anyone. Lyfeguard is a secure vault for sharing information with others via a nominee function that only you control.

Encryption Procedures

Communication between you and the Lyfeguard Application is always encrypted via SSL using 2048-bit certificates with SSL being a requirement on all server interactions. 2048-bit RSA keys are roughly equivalent to a Security Strength of 112. Security strength is a number associated with the amount of work required to break a cryptographic algorithm. 2048-bit is currently (2021) the highest rated encryption key for the web.

Site and Server Security

Lyfeguard follows best practices to keep your data secure. We audit our environments and code for security issues on a regular basis and apply patches expeditiously whenever required. We use commercial services that regularly check our site and server for vulnerabilities and we retain our own third party security software to probe and verify the security of our site.

Data Access Protocols

Our encryption methods and procedural policies prevent any Lyfeguard administrator from gaining access to your data beyond a very limited set necessary to help grant you access to your account and restricting access to your account in urgent circumstances (for example limiting or removing access for one of your nominees). The unique key that encrypts your data means we cannot see the information that you enter or any of the documents that you upload. We log and regularly audit all access to your account, whether by you, an administrator or one of your nominees.

2FA Login as Standard

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) works by adding an additional layer of security to your online accounts. It requires an additional login credential – beyond just the username and password to gain account access, and getting that second credential requires access to something that belongs uniquely to you. Whenever you sign into Lyfeguard from a new computer, device, or browser, we will send a unique code to your phone that you must input as part of your login. Remember to carefully check all web address URLs and links before clicking through though just to make sure you are linking to Lyfeguard and not somebody pretending to be us.

GDPR Compliance

Lyfeguard Life Ltd is Cyber Essentials accredited and ICO registered. Our UK based web servers are fully certified to supply securely managed services.

ISO 27001 & ISOQMR Registered – Information Security

ISO 17789:2014 – Cloud Computing Architecture

ISO 20000;9-2015 – Service Management Guidance for Cloud Services

ISO 27005-2018 – Information Security Risk Management

ISO 27017:2015 – Cloud Service Information security controls

ISO 27018-2019 – Protection of Personally Identifiable Information in Public Cloud

ISO 27032:2012 – Cybersecurity Techniques

ISO 27040:2015 – IT Security Storage

ISO 27701-2019 – Privacy Information Management

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